10 Items to Get Rid of Now

· Purging

Even though the temperatures in New York City are still hovering in the 40’s, I have to believe that spring is right around the corner.  And if spring is near, then it’s time for SPRING CLEANING.  Sometimes purging is emotionally draining because of the sentiments surrounding your possessions, but here are 10 items you can get rid of RIGHT NOW without another thought!

  1. Clothing that’s too small, too big, stained, torn, or beyond repair
  2. Clothing that’s never been worn and never will be worn
  3. Any toiletries, cosmetics, or medications in your bathroom that have expired
  4. Food that’s expired
  5. Socks without mates
  6. Tupperware bottoms without tops
  7. Old holiday cards
  8. Books you didn’t enjoy and will never read again
  9. The old sponge in your kitchen sink
  10. Your old toothbrush.
Written by Barbara Reich · · Purging
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