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Bathroom Reno

Bathroom Renovation

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My own bathroom renovation was one of my most satisfying projects. Working directly with a fantastic contractor, eliminating the decorator, and trusting my experience were all key to getting the project done efficiently.⁠

The project was delayed multiple times: the Covid pandemic caused us to postpone the renovation from our initial March of 2020 start date to September of 2021.  Then our architect/designer delayed the project until January of 2022, then to July of 2022, and then August of 2022 when we parted ways. Although this caused a considerable amount of stress and frustration, the end result was well worth the aggravation.

Bathroom Renovation

In October of 2022, we finally started the project. In addition to updating the decor, we also changed the bathroom layout. By swamping the location of the toilet and shower, we created a “wet area” for the shower and tub separated from the rest of the bathroom with a glass partition. We then created a toilet closet where the shower had been.

The bathroom features the following:

Oversized white wall tiles (39” wide by 13” high) and floor tiles (24” square) both from Porcelanosa cover the entire bathroom, floor to ceiling, including the toilet closet.

Gold schluters (typically used as a trim) are used as a design element, creating a stripe around the bathroom.

Gold pentagon mosaic tile from Cancos is used in bath and shower insets to create visual interest.

A deep blue custom vanity in lacquer with six large drawers (three on each side) and a hamper provides ample storage and a contrast to the white walls and floors. Gold hardware and trim complement the gold accents elsewhere in the bathroom.

Six inch deep Robern medicine cabinets with internal outlets were selected, so my husband’s electric razors and our electric toothbrushes are no longer stored on the counter.

From an organizational perspective, I included the following:

  • Acrylic drawer inserts trimmed with gold inside the vanity drawers.
  • Built in outlets inside the vanity drawers for hair styling tools
  • A built in cabinet in the toilet closet for toilet paper and other personal supplies.

Organizing a Chronic Illness (with Teresa Richman)

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Those of you who know Teresa, see an “Energizer Bunny,” full of life and great organizing advice. Yet, what most people don’t know is that she has suffered with severe gastrointestinal disease her entire adult life. In 2012, after a 25 year bout with ulcerative colitis, she opted for a colectomy, a surgery that removes the large intestine, and results in an ostomy bag.

While some people might let a chronic illness slow them down, Teresa manages her illness through careful organization. In order to maintain an ostomy, there are several supplies necessary: a wafer (a piece that attaches to the stomach and holds the bag), a barrier ring that seals the wafer, adhesive removal wipes, skin protection wipes, and plastic bags to dispose of waste. Teresa orders these items every three months, and stores supplies in a bin at the top of her closet and, for easier access, she stores a 5 week supply in a caddy under her sink. Since the ostomy bag can be used for up to four days, this enables her to have supplies accessible without them being a constant reminder of her illness.

On a daily basis, Teresa uses a small pouch in her purse to hold two full sets of supplies in the event the wafer loosens and necessitates an unexpected change. When she goes on vacation, she packs extra supplies in a larger pouch since she enjoys a full range of activities (e.g., swimming, snorkeling, and skiing) that may require more frequent bag adjustments. After each vacation, Teresa repacks her ostomy travel bag and stores it in her luggage.

Over the years, Teresa has changed her diet multiple times to accommodate ever evolving food sensitivities. In order to ensure she has the foods she needs, she buys groceries and prepares food for each week on Sunday evening, storing everything in stackable glass pyrex. When she travels with food, she uses lightweight, non-breakable containers. In her kitchen, temptation is avoided by keeping her snacking food separate from her family’s food. When medication and supplements need to be taken at specific times, prior planning is a must, and medication is kept in a bin inside a kitchen cabinet.

Given that flare ups of her disease are unpredictable, having an organized home and routine, allows Teresa to control as much of her life as possible. If you or a loved one is experiencing a chronic illness, let the Life Organized team put you at ease as they declutter your home and reduce your stress. Also feel free to DM Teresa @richwomanhkny if you need a supportive ear or would like to share your experiences.

Best Drawer Organizers

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If you’ve ever opened up a drawer and been overwhelmed by clutter, then a drawer organizer is an easy solution. By keeping items separate and visible, a drawer organizer ensures that everything stays tidy while also maximizing storage.

I was recently asked by @realsimple to help compile a list of the best drawer organizers. Here are my top picks.

For the kitchen:

Blum Orga-line 

Bamboo Drawer Organizer for Silverware and Utensils (gray)

Bamboo Expandable Silverware Organizer

Bamboo Expandable Utensil Organizer

For the office:

Welaxy felt drawer organizers

Available in multiple colors (gray shown here)

Colorful metal drawer organizers

For any room:

Bamboo Expandable Deep or Shallow Drawer Dividers Expands from 17 3/8 to 22” x 5” high (deep) or 2 2/3” high (shallow)

Bamboo Expandable Deep and Shallow Short Drawer Dividers Expands from 11” to 15.75” x 5” high (deep) and 2.5” (shallow) – Neat Method

Bamboo Expandable Deep and Shallow Long Drawer Dividers Expands from 16” to 22” x 5” high (deep) and 2.5 (shallow) – Neat Method

White Expandable Shallow Drawer Dividers Expands from 17 to 22.5” x 2.5” high

White Plastic Expandable Drawer Dividers Expands from 11.00 to 20.125 x 2.5” high

Kitchen Renovation: This Shoemaker’s Children Don’t Go Barefoot

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One day, after organizing a client’s beautifully renovated kitchen, I came home and took a fresh look at my own. After 22 years, what was once state of the art had become hopelessly outdated. Speckled granite counters with bulky curved edges and a stainless steel hood over the oven were rooted in the 1990’s. The grout in the tile needed cleaning, and the television “cabinet” looked ridiculous with a flat screen TV wedged inside. It was time for a renovation.

While I initially planned to only address the kitchen, since I live in a townhouse, it would be difficult to renovate the kitchen while ignoring the other living spaces on the same floor – the dining room, living room, powder room, and laundry room. This necessitated an expansion of project scope and budget, but the end result was worth it! The changes that I made are described and pictured below:

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Why a Spa Vacation is Good for the Whole Family (Happy Wife, Happy Life)

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Women are natural caretakers. We take care of husbands, partners, children and pets. We take of aging parents, bosses, employees, and coworkers. We invariably put ourselves on the bottom of the list. Whether we work full time, part time or stay at home, women feel guilty about focusing on our own needs. Yet, without time away from the everyday demands of life, we have less to give to those who need us.

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Trading Places: LA to NYC

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I first met Melissa Meyers (@MelissaMeyers), The Glow Girl, when we were both mothers of young children in NYC. Over the years, we’ve worked together, collaborated together, and even carpooled our children together. When Melissa moved to the west coast, we stayed in touch, and I was thrilled when she contacted me this summer for help with a challenging project. Her daughter, Rachel (@rachel.leigh.meyers), an influencer, would be moving to NYC and trading her spacious two-bedroom apartment in LA for a Tribeca apartment with a “cozy” (read small) bedroom and an even “cozier” closet. Thus, Rachel would be experiencing one of the great paradoxes of New York City. Fashionistas flock here. Yet, like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City, the closets are often so small that shoes may be stored in the oven.

Rachel’s optimism, chill personality, and flexibility were the key assets to making her room work. Prior to our first meeting, she sent me photos of the space, so I could do some advance planning. My first suggestion was that she have the closet professionally outfitted. While this may seem frivolous in a rental apartment, adding additional shelving and hanging cost a fraction of the monthly rent and was necessary for her clothing to fit in the space. I also insisted that Rachel replace her mismatched hangers with uniform ones to eliminate the visual noise in her closet (critical in a small space).

Rachel and I met three times to get her bedroom and closet in working order. And, while we were able to leave her oven free for cooking, I did need to get creative in using every inch of space to properly accommodate her extensive collection of clothing, shoes, and bags. Here are pictures of Rachel’s bedroom and closet from beginning to end.

Tips for Organizing a Small Space

When I first arrived at Rachel’s apartment, there were piles of clothing everywhere (even outside the door to her room).

Once I folded all of the clothes, I was able to organize them in the dresser. A tray on top of the dresser holds frequently used items.

After measuring the width and depth of a quirky corner, I had floor to ceiling shelves built to store bulky sweaters and sweatshirts.

Initially, Rachel’s closet only had a single hanging rod.

Organized Hangers

The revised closet has a lower bar (same amount of hanging space), shelves for sweaters that Rachel can reach, and space for out of season shoes and bags on a higher shelf. Light clothing is on the left, dark clothing on the right.

Organized Closet

Although blocking her windows with a high headboard wasn’t our first choice, it was the only way to avoid walking into the bed when entering the room. It also enabled us to take advantage of a cut out in the wall where we placed her dresser.


The two drawers at the end of Rachel’s bed are handy for her in season bags and pajama sets…two categories of clothing she reaches for daily.



Ocean View

Playroom with an Ocean View

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When I first set foot in in this Montauk playroom, I almost missed the view of the ocean. Although the room boasted ample storage for the family’s four children, it was drowning in toys. The perimeter of the room was lined with bins. Deep storage areas filled one wall, flanked on either side with bookshelves that were half styled and half filled with junk. A comfy couch in the middle of the room faced both the television and the ocean outside.

The organization of this playroom was simple, and the cause of the clutter was a common one. The existing storage was filled with toys the children had outgrown, so toys they regularly used were relegated to counters and storage bins that kept multiplying.

Using my FOUR STEP METHOD, the playroom was restored to order in just a few hours.

I PURGED the toys that hadn’t been touched in months, if not years by first emptying every bin and storage area. Working with the client, we discarded or donated the contents as appropriate. Once the purge was complete, I sorted toys by type and category.

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A Laundry Room with a Sense of Humor

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London’s Laundromat – 24 Hours, Not Quite Self Service

When a busy mom of four hired me to organize her townhouse, the laundry room was one of her top priorities. Although it wasn’t the sexiest room in the house, it was a space used multiple times a day.

The laundry room was small but well designed with a sense of humor. A counter ran the length of one wall with IKEA shelves above and the washer and dryer below the counter. The opposite wall boasted a sink and linen closet tucked behind the door. A clothesline that retracted into the wall was used to hang hand washed clothing. The sign painted on the wall read, “London’s Laundromat, 24 Hours, Self-Service.

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From Piles to Perfection

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I first met Katrina Mitzeliotis, a chic and adorable fashion director with Hollywood Life, over breakfast in midtown, Manhattan. Newly married and highly motivated to get organized, Katrina admitted that her clothes and shoes were currently in piles on the floor of a spare bedroom in her home in Brooklyn. And, when she said “piles,’ she wasn’t exaggerating!

Before Katrina’s closet makeover

Many people would shy away from sharing a “dirty little secret,” but Katrina wanted Hollywood Life readers to know that there’s no shame in learning to be organized. While Hollywood Life often features celebrities and their fabulous clothing and closets, Katrina is relatable and typical in many ways.  She has more clothes than she needs, she has no idea how to organize them, and she lacks the closet infrastructure that would make organization attainable.  A closet makeover was needed, so I teamed up with ClosetMaid to give Katrina the closet of her dreams.

After obtaining measurements, ClosetMaid opted for its SpaceCreations collection for Katrina. This DIY system is easy to install, yet still has a high end designer look and feel.  Katrina chose the Classic White with contemporary chrome hardware.  The entire system was shipped directly to Katrina’s apartment where it was easily assembled and installed.  We were all thrilled with the possibilities, but the hard work was just beginning.

The closet looked amazing at this point, but we weren’t finished yet. After a quick snack of a hot spinach and cheese casserole, it was time to accessorize the closet with fun accents Katrina had purchased.  We placed a poof in the corner, so she would have a place to sit while putting on her shoes.  A rug was added for polish and pizazz, and a small table with a photo and a candle were placed front and center. A large photo of Katrina and her photogenic husband was added to an empty shelf. We were all giddy with excitement, especially Katrina, who stared in disbelief at her clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories lined up and completely organized.  As she said, “it’s a dream come true.” See the amazing “after” pictures here:

Katrina in her dream closet

Lis on Life – Organizing A Food Lover’s Pantry

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With her easy smile, charismatic personality, and colorful content, it’s no wonder that Lisa Schechter’s venture, “Lis on Life” has taken off in just a few months. For years, Lisa has nurtured her passion for finding or creating the best of everything – food, flowers, fashion, vacation venues, wellness plans, and gifts and sharing her finds. With Lis on Life, her recommendations are now being shared beyond her many friends to reach thousands of followers on Instagram.

Lisa is known for her beautiful food displays and delicious meals. Her challah is famous, not only for its soft texture, but for the innovative shapes and toppings she devises. Her fruit boards are art, and her meal planning is impeccable. Since she’s not only preparing food, but also arranging and photographing her projects, her kitchen needs to be functional and fully stocked at all times.

Over the past several months, I’ve worked with Lisa organizing her office, children’s rooms, linen closets, game closets, sentimental items, basement, and her digital space. The only area we never touched was her kitchen…until now.

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