Clarity Begins at Home

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Activating the Connection Between Home and Self and How It Can Transform Our Lives for the Better

**[SOLD OUT] Sessions 1: January 28, February 4, February 11, February 18 — 1:00 to 2:30 am EST**

**[SOLD OUT] Sessions 1: February 23, March 2, March 9, March 16 — 1:00 to 2:30 am EST**

Introductory Offer: $195 for four 90-minute sessions

For many, the pandemic of 2020, for all its ill, also brought opportunity for introspection and a lot of time at home. As a result, consciously or not, many of us sensed a powerful connection between home, self, and overall wellness. But what is it exactly and how might we use it to gain clarity of our life’s purpose, achievement of our goals, and greater meaning in our lives?

In this fun and fascinating workshop, you’ll explore what works about your living space and your life, and what could be improved. You’ll discover which areas of your home represent certain aspects of your life, and how you can “heal” or transform the ones that need it. What is tidy and what is cluttered? Tranquil or chaotic? Lively or lackluster? What are you weary of? What do you long for? And how do you successfully navigate your life in a constantly changing environment?

Guiding you to your own answers are lifestyle guru and life coach Frances Schultz and professional organizer and productivity expert Barbara Reich (me). Together we combine our experience, expertise, and positive energy to help you define your dreams, achieve your goals, and live the life you were meant to live.

For Payment: Venmo @BReich