Coming Back from Vacation

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Coming Back from Vacation

The best thing about vacation time is it slows you down, forces you to relax, and provides a welcome break from the daily grind.  But what can you do to keep that zen feeling going when you return home?

If you don’t thrive on diving into cleanup as soon as you drop your bags like I do, here are some tips for a smooth re-entry to the real world.

  • Purge your purse or tote bag.  Remove everything extra and return just your everyday items like your wallet, keys, and smart phone. Keep a small garbage bag close by to toss gum wrappers, airline tickets, or entrance passes that you might have thrown in your bag while rushing around.
  • Upload your pictures.  Plug your camera/phone into the computer and start uploading pictures, saving them into a file titled, simply and descriptively — for example, “California March 2014.”
  • Find a home for souvenirs you purchased.  These should either be on display, or in an “outgoing” area where you’ll remember to give them to the intended recipient.
  • Ask all family members to empty their own suitcases by the end of the day you come home. If everyone is responsible for their own unpacking, it’s a smaller job.
  • Plan for a simple dinner the first night home — pizza, or take-out; everyone will be tired anyway.
  • Review your schedule for the week — don’t forget that real life awaits…and you’re ready for action!


Written by Barbara Reich · · Travel Tips
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