Happy Earth Day – Green Organizing Tips

· Seasonal Organizing

  • Reduce paper clutter by unsubscribing from catalogs and junk mail lists.
  • Donate items in good condition.
  • Think before you buy. The fewer possessions you have, the less time you’ll spend maintaining them.  Buy quality items over quantity.
  • Buy non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Give experiences as gifts.   A movie, a day at the zoo, or a baseball game can be more meaningful than a physical gift.
  • Go paperless. Opt for emailed bank statements, utility bills, credit card bills and credit card statements. This will stop the paper coming into your house and save trees!
  • Buy bamboo. Bamboo, the fastest growing plant on earth, is one of the most significant and versatile natural resources. Drawer organizers can now be found in bamboo rather than plastic.
  • Bring your own bag or carry your purchases without a bag.
  • Unplug electronics that are not in use.


Written by Barbara Reich · · Seasonal Organizing
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