Tips for Keeping Your Cool – Refrigerator Organization

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1. Use matching containers for separate foods and leftovers, so everything looks uniform. Preferably these containers should be clear, stackable, easy to open and close, and labelled! I love the Pyrex Easy Grab Bake ‘N Store food storage containers. They go from oven to microwave to refrigerator/freezer!

2. Establish a routine for cleaning out the refrigerator. Designate a day, like Sunday to throw away any expired foods and rotten fruits and vegetables.

3. Don’t buy too much food at once. While you may be inclined to “stock the fridge,” be aware of how quickly food can spoil. Also, if your refrigerator is too stuffed, you won’t have adequate room for cool air to circulate.

4. Group like things together and designate locations for standard items such as eggs, milk, and fruit that you always have on hand. This way, you always know where the basics are and whether and when you need more.

5. Beware of “jumbo” and “family size”. Unless you have a huge family, smaller sizes are easier to separate, stack, and store.

6. Keep it clean. Mop up spills and messes immediately, and toss anything that gets ruined. Keep baking soda in your refrigerator to keep it smelling fresh.

7. Use space wisely. Refrigerators have specific areas designed for specific items! Use tall shelves for tall bottles, and drawers for smaller items.

8. Implement the “Two Servings Rule”. Never experience that moment of horror when you realize there’s no more of the only peanut butter your child will eat. Once you have about two servings left of a given item (2 servings peanut butter, 2 apples, 2 yogurts), write it on your shopping list.

9. Stock healthy foods if you want to eat healthy! Chances are you’ll reach for a healthy snack when those snacks are front and ce

Written by Barbara Reich · · Kitchen / Nutrition / Wellness
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