Kitchen Makeover for Single Dad

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In between his full time job, volunteering in the community, and taking care of his two young sons, Mike McCleod, Jr. had little time for himself or for organizing his small, but cozy home. As a result, the kitchen, where the family spent the most time, was overrun with food, appliances, and the debris of daily living. His kitchen table was literally on its last leg and in such poor condition that it could no longer be used for meals. When Mike reached out to my friends at Hooplaha, for help, I was happy to spearhead his kitchen makeover.

Before pictures of the McCleod kitchen.

When I first met the McCleod trio, they were excited about the project on hand. Kiing and Hova, Mike’s sons, greeted me at the door, and as they showed me around the apartment, I could see that the kitchen was not functioning at all; instead it was weighed down with clutter. Yet, I was also pleasantly surprised to see several areas where overflow from the kitchen could be stored.

Barbara and Mike purging.

We started by sorting each item on the counters, kitchen floor, and table, effectively clearing a path through the clutter. We decided that large and infrequently used appliances, such as a deep fryer, could be stored in a closet adjacent to the kitchen. Toys were moved to the boys’ room, and tools were put in a utility drawer. We then purged all items that were broken, including the table. Canned goods and spices that were stuffed into corners of cabinets were taken out and assessed. Expired foods were discarded. We then grouped all like items together and separated duplicates for donation.

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Once we finished purging, we were able to put everything back in an organized fashion. We used clear pantry bins and drawer organizers to maximize space and functionality in those spaces. A desk organizer for books and schools supplies was added since the boys did homework in the kitchen while Mike cooked each night. When the new table (donated from Hooplaha, only.goodtv) was brought in and set with colorful table linens, the family could finally enjoy a meal in their neatly organized, inviting new space.

After pictures of the McCleod kitchen.
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