Life Organized - Virtually

Chaos You Can Control

In this unprecedented time, we are all faced with uncertainty, fear, and loss of control over the outside world. Combine that with the realities of quarantine – children’s homework strewn on dining room tables, extra provisions taking up every inch of counter and closet space, makeshift home gyms and offices in every corner – and the algorithms for stress mutate exponentially. For many people, clutter that once seemed manageable now seems intolerable, and the need to organize has become a necessity.

In my 25+ years of organizing with clients, I have seen firsthand how controlling your surroundings and being organized correlates with physical and emotional wellness. Scientific data from the Princeton Neuroscience Institute and the UCLA Center for Everyday Family Living supports this as well. I also know that it’s easy to become paralyzed with inertia.

That’s why we’ve launched Life Organized – Virtually. Now you can connect with an organizer who will walk you through each step of your project no matter where you are. Similar to having a live appointment, we start by identifying your organizing goals. Then, we create an action plan, prioritizing areas that are accessed most frequently. For each discrete area, we email a list of products you’ll need, and when the products arrive, we execute the plan together on Face Time, making it as much fun as possible.

We love what we do, and we want to be a resource and friend for you as we navigate the “new normal” together. To that end, we are now offering virtual organizing sessions for clients.

You’ll be surprised at how peaceful and productive you’ll feel.