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After BarbaraMore moves take place in the summer than any other time during the year. In addition to my tips in this month’s issue of Real Simple “How to Move Without Losing It” and on the MakeSpace blog “8 Expert Solutions to Your Toughest Moving Problems,” here are some additional moving tips I’ve provided to clients this month.

Moving With Children

  1. Purge all of the toys they no longer use, anything broken, or missing pieces, AND all clothing that no longer fits or is stain, torn, or beyond repair.  It’s expensive and time consuming to move what is no longer needed or wanted.
  2. Prioritize their rooms first.  Moving can be stressful for children. By setting up their rooms first, the disruption in their lives is minimized.
  3. Create excitement. If you’re moving locally, show them their new room. If you’re not moving locally, share pictures of local attractions, the house, their new room, and school.
  4. Enlist babysitters to keep them occupied the day of the move or possibly for a few days, so you can get settled without them under foot.

Packing Your Laundry Room

  1. Use up all “almost empty” detergents and cleaning agents.
  2. Move with clean laundry.
  3. Toss anything that you no longer use.
  4. Consider packing laundry detergent and other products in a laundry basket.

Packing Your Kitchen

  1. Start by purging anything broken, any expired food, and anything that is no longer your taste.
  2. Look at the new space with a critical eye. What do you have room for in the new space? If you’re moving to a smaller space, only take what will fit.
  3. Be wary of large appliances that are rarely used (bread maker, ice cream maker). Don’t take them if you can part with them.
  4. Start at least one month in advance using up foods that are open or near the expiration date.
  5. Have new groceries delivered to your new home the day of the move.

Packing Electronics

  1. Electronics become obsolete quickly. Only pack what works and what is used.
  2. Eliminate any old chargers or wires that don’t belong to a device.
  3. In order to stay organized, use color-coded labels to indicate on wires what gets plugged in where.
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