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Moving can be a stressful time.  In fact, a move is considered the third most stressful life event, following death and divorce.  While you can’t completely eliminate the stress involved, follow these tips for a move that’s organized and well thought out:

  • File your change of address with the post office before your move.  Send out address cards or an email informing friends and family of your new address.
  • When you purchase moving boxes, be sure to get assorted sizes to accommodate all your belongings.  Don’t use an enormous box for school supplies if you don’t have so much, and then mix it with pillowcases.  Separate the items and pare down into smaller boxes so everything is truly separated by item.
  • As you pack each moving box, keep a list of what you are placing in it.  DO NOT ASSUME YOU WILL REMEMBER.  When the box is full, place this list on the top of the box before sealing, so that when you open it you have a table of the contests, and no rummaging is necessary.
  • As you pack up your belongings, be sure to think carefully about whether you really want to bring everything with you.  If you can downsize as you relocate, your new home will have that much more space and organization!
  • Make sure the contents of each box are labeled on all four sides.  A heavy box might be pushed up against a wall, and if only labeled on one side, the contents might be unknown.
  • The day before your move, pack a kit of immediate toiletries for the first night in your new home.  You don’t want to be hunting for necessities like toothpaste, toilet paper, or shampoo when you’re exhausted from a day of moving.
  • Give each child a small bag with all of their necessities: a change of clothing, a snack and some small toys, to keep them occupied throughout moving day.
  • All valuable items – passports, certificates, money, jewelry, electronics – should be put in a folder and transported by you.   Don’t forget to take phone and computer chargers with you as well!
  • Have your new home cleaned thoroughly before you move in.  If need be, stay in a hotel one night so that the job is done right and you move into a perfectly clean new home.  



Written by Barbara Reich · · Moving
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