Packing for Summer Camp

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By Guest Blogger Rebecca Reich, age 12

Hi Again!

This blog is about packing for camp.  Unlike most of my friends’ moms, my mom doesn’t start a month in advance.  Instead, she does everything in two days (for me and my brother). Here’s how she does it.

  • Any clothes we want to take to camp are piled in our playroom.  I want to take most of my wardrobe, and my mother wants me to take only what the camp says I need.  I always bring more than the list says.
  • Using stick on labels from, she sticks a label on each article of clothing.  She uses a Sharpie to write initials on socks.
  • She types a list of every single thing I bring to camp.  I’m not sure why she does this, but she does.
  • She groups t-shirts, pajamas, sweatshirts, socks, and every category of clothes and puts them in plastic zip loc bags (the giant ones) or soft plastic zippered bags. That way they won’t be scattered all over the trunk, which is enormous.  Of course, she folds everything perfectly.  This lasts for about 3 days after the clothes get to camp.
  • All non-clothing camp supplies are kept in a separate closet in our playroom.  She takes this stuff out, labels it, and puts it in a second trunk.  And that’s all it takes!

Once I get to camp, I’m not that neat.  But, here are a few of the things that I do:

  • I fold my clothes, so I can see what I have and fit more in my cubbies.
  • I pick a spot for my stationery, my flashlight, and books.  I put things back in their places, so I can find them.
  • I put my laundry away as soon as I get it.  Otherwise, it could get dirty before I wear it.
  • I keep track of the clothes my friends borrow from me. That way, I can make sure everything gets returned to me.
  • I spray stain remover on my clothes before putting them in my laundry bag.  Laundry is only done once or twice a week, so stains can become permanent if they’re not sprayed.
  • I don’t put wet clothes in my laundry bag or cubbies. Otherwise, everything will smell.

Even though I do all that, when my mom comes into my bunk on visiting day, she can’t help herself…she rearranges and refolds EVERYTHING!  And soon enough it’s time to come home and watch her UNPACK!



Written by Barbara Reich · · Seasonal Organizing, Travel Tips
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