Product Review: Frego Storage Container

· Kitchen / Nutrition / Wellness

One essential part of organization is finding items that serve multiple purposes. Like a blouse that can be worn with jeans one day and a fancy skirt the next, the frego is a winner.  It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, goes from oven to table to freezer, and it’s extremely durable. It’s a great lunch transport container for kids, a good refrigerator storage container for leftovers, and an easy serving dish for dinner. It’s like having five different products that only take up one space in your kitchen cabinet. I love that the silicon sleeve comes in different colors, so each of your children can have their own color for bringing lunch to school, or I can use it to organize and identify leftovers in the refrigerator.  The frego has a lid that prevents leakage and the seal is airtight, so food won’t spoil. The only drawback is that the quality of the product makes it a bit heavier than other food storage containers.  Then again, this product will last and look super cool for a long, long time.

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Written by Barbara Reich · · Kitchen / Nutrition / Wellness
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