When September Comes: Fall Organizing

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For many of us, September is the least relaxing month of the year.  There’s the chaos of back to school, getting into a routine, and saying goodbye to the unscheduled days of summer.  So, to make your transition to fall as smooth as possible, try these steps for simplifying your life, so you can really relax!


The first step to make time for a breather is to actually plan for one.  This might sound strange, but if life is busy enough, you might have to literally schedule that hour in your day to leave the house for a solitary coffee break or a quiet walk, the same way you schedule lunch with a friend.


Try to occasionally disconnect from your phone, whether its during the one hour at the gym, or ideally, at least an hour before bed.  Checking your phone constantly can increase stress in all areas of your life, and setting aside certain time periods to answer texts and emails and then disconnect for a little bit can help you stay calm.

Say No

Occasionally say no to social engagements that are actually inconvenient for you to attend.  The hosts will understand, and it will help to clear your schedule.

Write It Down

Sometimes keeping track of everything that you have to do in your head gives the illusion that there’s more to do than there actually is.  Keep a to-do list and a detailed calendar so you never forget a task or appointment, and have a realistic grasp of what you actually have to do.

Create Systems

This means planning ahead for everything.  Create routines for carpools, menus, chores, or even weekly dates with a spouse, so you never have to think about it.  


Cardio is good for calorie burning, but try some yoga for one of your workouts this week to get in the mode of deep breathing and relaxation.


Try to occasionally take some time away from family and friends, and clear your head.  This will help you realign your life with your goals, and recharge before returning to the craziness that is everyday life.


Written by Barbara Reich · · Seasonal Organizing
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