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Clarity Begins at Home 2024


What will you achieve in 2024? Will this be the year that your resolution to “get organized” becomes a reality?  Will you clear a path toward your purpose and find fulfillment?

Join me and @francesschultz, lifestyle guru and life coach extraordinaire, as we offer our (back by popular demand) workshop, Clarity Begins at Home. Building on the powerful connection between home, self, and wellness, we’ll work with you to remove the clutter in your home and your life to create a personal environment that is conducive to productivity, purpose, and peace of mind.

In Session 1, we will introduce tools you can use to harness your own intuition about what your living space might be “saying” to you, Participants will be given (fun!) exercises and a bit of homework to begin their process. Session 2 focuses on the bedroom and bath, Session 3, the kitchen, and Session 4, personal workspaces. At the conclusion of the workshop, we will summarize and offer specific tips and concrete next steps to maintain progress.

This workshop is ideal for those who aren’t local, want the support of a group to help them achieve their goals, and those who want the expertise of a professional organizer and life coach, but don’t have the budget to engage in one-on-one sessions.

When: Tuesdays from 11:00 – 12:30 EST, January 30th, February 6th, February 16th, and February 20th.. Sessions will be recorded.

Where: Zoom. We’ll send you a link

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Clarity Begins at Home 2021

The pandemic of 2020, for all of its tribulations, also brought opportunity for introspection and a lot of time at home. As a result, consciously or not, many of us sensed a powerful connection between home, self, and our overall wellness. But how might we activate this connection to gain clarity of our life’s purpose, achieve our goals, and find greater meaning in our lives?

In this fun and fascinating workshop, you’ll explore what works about your living space and your life, and what needs to “heal” or be transformed. What is tidy and what is cluttered? Tranquil or chaotic? Lively or lackluster? What are you weary of? What do you long for? And how do you successfully navigate your life in a constantly changing environment?

Guiding you to find your own answers are professional organizer and productivity expert Barbara Reich and lifestyle designer and life coach Frances Schultz. Popular authors and speakers, and acclaimed in their respective fields, Frances and Barbara combine their experience, expertise, and positive energy to propel you to define your dreams, achieve your goals, and live the life you were meant to live.

Eat – Sleep – Organize

In this unprecedented time, many are experiencing profound anxiety over the global pandemic, its impact on the economy, and the health of our loved ones. While focusing on the latest Covid-19 updates and statistics reinforces this loss of control, we urge you instead to focus on what you CAN control: your sleep, what you eat, and the physical space in which you live. Being well-rested, healthy, and organized will help alleviate the mental and physical stress we are all facing right now.

Positive sleep habits, good nutrition, and organization are interrelated. Studies show that people in organized kitchens choose healthier snacks than those in cluttered environments. Planning ahead and being well-rested may be as important as diet and exercise in maintaining a healthy weight. Moreover, an orderly bedroom and nutritious diet can be instrumental in fostering healthy sleep, while being sleep deprived correlates with increased hunger and sugar cravings.

Renowned experts, Lara Metz (nutrition), Barbara Reich (organization), and Dr. Whitney Roban (sleep), will share their coveted tips for decreasing anxiety and improving overall wellness.

Barbara Reich Speaks

Time Management  

In our fast paced, technology driven world, “brain drain” and poor time management is a common and pervasive problem. We are constantly pulled in multiple directions and rarely allowed time for deep thinking and creative pursuits. Barbara Reich, author of Secrets of an Organized Mom, will teach you how to maximize your efficiency and gain control of your life. Providing tips that are practical and readily implementable, Barbara will help you create time saving habits, be strategic in how you spend your time, determine priorities, and accomplish your goals.

Digital Decluttering

An overflowing email inbox may not assault the eyes and mind the way a messy desk does, but it can get in the way of an organized life just as much- perhaps even more so, because of the 24-7 reliance on technology. According to a 2015 report by the Radicati group, the average office worker now sends/receives 122 email per day. And, a 2015 Gallup poll found that 41% of Americans check their devices several times an hour.

Learn simple methods to manage your digital clutter by creating a digital “filing system.” Master smart emailing techniques. Recognize when you need to declare “email bankruptcy.” And, discover how saving emails as a reminder to do something is, in fact, counterintuitive. Let Barbara Reich, author of Secrets of an Organized Mom, help you learn smart digital habits that will increase your efficiency and maximize your productivity.


Organize Your Child for Academic Success

In order for children to survive in today’s ultra-competitive school environments, organization is key. In fact, the most successful students are not necessarily the brightest; they are the ones who are able to focus and work efficiently and with confidence.  While no parent can guarantee an A+ on their children’s report cards, Barbara Reich, author of Secrets of an Organized Mom, will teach you how to create a home environment that paves the road to academic success. From setting up a proper work space, to breaking down projects into manageable chunks, to setting up systems for note taking and test taking, Barbara will help you steer your children to their maximum potential.

Everyday Organizing to Manage Everyday Chaos

Sometimes it feels like life is a giant game of wac-a-mole. Each time we smack down one problem, another one pops up in its place.  While no one can avoid the unexpected, Barbara Reich, author of Secrets of an Organized Mom, will provide you with the tricks and tools that will enable you to manage expectations even when life becomes chaotic.  By focusing on organizing your physical space and your time, you’ll learn tips that will increase your efficiency and productivity while decreasing your stress.

Maximize Productivity While Working at Home

The 2020 global pandemic has transformed the ways in which employees work from home. 24/7 connectivity has taken on new meaning, and colleagues and clients now have a front row seat to your décor, your children’s misbehavior, and the antics of pets. Barbara Reich, professional organizer and author of Secrets of an Organized Mom, will provide you with a roadmap to maximize efficiency and productivity. Providing tips that are practical and readily implementable, Barbara will help you create the structure necessary to be strategic in how you spend your time, determine priorities, and accomplish your goals.