Brian Maloney

Team Member

Brian Maloney, Life Organized


If you want to know what they say about Virgos being neat and clean freaks, look no further than Brian Maloney.

For 30 years as a marketing and public relations executive, Brian showcased and directed the world’s leading brands with breakthrough creative, award-winning, and innovative programs. In co-running his eponymous firm Maloney & Fox, and later as Managing Director of Ogilvy & Mather’s US Brand Practice, Brian often relied on the visual arts as a way to raise awareness, increase customer engagement and stimulate action.  He is happy to apply these skills when working with Barbara, her team of Life Organizers, and Clientele.

Brian is currently the Director and Founder of an art gallery and consultancy called CUSP NYC: An unbridled art experience serving both the general public, corporations, and experienced collectors.