Lillian Katzin

Team Member

Lillian Katzin


Meet the newest member of the Life Organized team, Lillian Katzin, who services the South Florida region. When asked about her relationship with Life Organized Founder, Barbara Reich, Lillian says, “I taught her everything she knows. I’m her mother.”

Lillian has been organizing friends and family for years. Legend has it that in the 1970’s, local housekeepers in North Miami Beach told their clients to “speak to Lillian” if they wanted their children’s rooms and play spaces to stay organized.

Lillian began her affiliation with Life Organized in business development, touting the South Florida expansion at her gym, canasta game, and condo meetings. She transitioned to physical organizing after helping a friend prepare a holiday meal. Shocked at the disorder in that kitchen, Lillian spent the next several weeks organizing it and was hooked. She can often be found at her local Container Store, sourcing products and making new friends.

Lillian lives in Aventura, Florida and enjoys working out, a Dewars on the rocks, and traveling with her grandchildren, Rebecca and Matthew.