Teresa Richman

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Teresa Richman - Resourceful Consultants


After moving 10 times in 17 years while living in Hong Kong, England, and Singapore, it became common for Teresa’s family to leave one apartment in the morning and come home to another apartment, fully organized, in the afternoon. In the midst of a renovation, Teresa’s family once spent 7 months in an 800 square foot apartment, each bringing only one box. Her family still says that was the best place they ever lived, as they realized how little they really needed.

Teresa is a school psychologist and in September 2000 founded Hong Kong Academy, where she was responsible for every aspect of the school and its staff. With the tight budget of a self-funded new venture, Teresa implemented organizational systems that enabled students to excel and structured a streamlined environment for students, staff, and parents. She currently works with both students and parents to organize their home learning environments to maximize academic success.

After conquering the management of her personal health issues, Teresa has become an expert in the area of wellness, utilizing her knowledge of medical organization techniques to help individuals and their loved ones with chronic or short term health issues. Since moving back to her hometown of Long Island in 2008, Teresa has served on the boards of several charitable organizations, raised her two children, now 21 and 24, and become an empty nester with her husband, Jon.