From Clients & Speaking Engagement Participants

Client Testimonials

“Using Life Organized enabled me to organize my space and budget my time more efficiently. Barbara uncluttered my home and my mind. She was a beautiful breath of fresh air that swept through my apartment and changed my world. She will save your time and your life…which is priceless. It’s a painless process with Barbara by your side. Thanks for everything!!” – Judith Regan, Host, Producer and Publisher, ReganMedia, Sirius XM

“Thanks for everything. Our work together was so productive and I feel very prepared for baby #3! Today, I found my children playing with their train set for the first time. It is amazing how organizing toys can attract them to new hobbies and keep them occupied long enough for me to have 30 minutes to myself!!” – Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, Founder and CEO, Physique 57

“I worked with award winning professional organizer Barbara Reich, founder of Life Organized, and the results were amazing! She helped take my electronic business files and emails to a new level of efficiency and now it takes only seconds to find my files.” – Elizabeth Koraca, Executive Coach & Career Strategist

“Barbara is nothing less than incredible. Her mind works in mysterious, magnificent ways, and she was able to get me, my home, and my personal life into tip-top shape. She streamlines the organizational process, while making it fun. Her work has had long-lasting effects. Barbara educates as she goes, which in turn makes everything easier to maintain. She is dependable, cost-conscious, honest and a true pleasure to work with…and to know.”  Jennifer Razor, Chief Marketing Officer

“Barbara entered our lives when I needed her most, working pro bono with the help of ClosetMaid. With a thoughtful but keen eye, and sometimes strong opinions, Barbara taught me to find what was important and to discard what was not. She knew when to push hard and when to just nudge me gently along. Together, we purged and organized papers, art supplies, books, spices, an absurd amount of old technology, unopened mail, taxes, and important tasks. So much useless stuff that was crushing me was soon gone, and, in a matter of days, Barbra and her organizing team totally turned us around. My boys and I now have a home to be proud of, with more space to live and breath, relax and work.” – Lisa Meshulam, Mom of Aiden, Lucas, and Tyler

“When I was moving from my apartment into a house, I desperately needed help getting organized for my move and throwing out things that had accumulated since my 3 children and hubby seemed to be hoarders. Barbara came to the rescue, and in one session, she organized items in moving boxes and threw out 10 large garbage bags filled with junk. Some bags went to different charity drop offs where she had resources. She also went through all of my documents and tax papers – apparently I didn’t need them from 10 years back! Seven years later my house is still neat, since she taught me how to keep things organized. It was mental cleansing and therapy for the soul!!” – Chris Mack, mother of three messy boys and a dog

“I have worked with Barbara over a period of ten years, and the practical tools that she’s shared with me have changed my life. Thanks to her, I’m able to maintain my living spaces and without clutter or excess. I highly recommend her services.” – Julie Bernstein

“Barbara is like an amazing friend with excellent judgment. She is the most organized, nice, focused individual you never knew you needed but you do! The work we did organizing my apartment – really refining the closets and making it ‘showing ready’ was undoubtedly a factor in the success of the sale! According to my broker, quite a number of people asked whether the apartment was staged!”  – Jacqueline Muss

“Barbara is amazing. She completely revamped and decluttered my space, ensuring everything from files to clothes to electronics were stored in a way that made sense for me and my apartment. Apart from her incredible organizing skills, Barbara is so much fun to work with. I was genuinely sad when the project was finished, but she is on speed dial as my go-to for future organizing projects!”  – Abby Ludwig, Corporate Attorney

“For the past few years, I’ve incorporated your philosophy of minimizing the chaos and clutter in our home. I’ve taken waaaay too many trips to the local Thrift store (Deseret Industries) to get rid of excess, but it’s been a decent tax write-off! Life is more peaceful when the clutter is gone. As I’ve shared many of your great ideas with friends and family over the past few weeks, many of them replied, ‘Oh, you’ve read the Marie Kondo book.’ My reply? ‘No, I’ve read something even better.’ Thank you for writing such a great book. It reinforced my concepts of decluttering and made me happy that I’m on the right track to having a happier home life!” – Janis Rowser

“What a great team you have at Life Organized!  I was so happy working with Leora, Randi and Barbara. My entire home is so well organized, I will never need to stress about finding things again. Even my husband is thrilled with his closet and the children can find their own toys. When we pack for travel and unpack after trips, it takes a fraction of the time now that everything has its proper place and is clearly marked. I know I’ll be recommending Life Organized to tons of friends and will be back to you again soon for more!”  – Nikki C.

“Thank you so much for styling my closet for Amazon’s new show, StyleCode.com. I’m so glad my closet was in your hands because it was on full display, and the colors in the background really make the video pop. I’m so grateful for your generosity and talent.” Lizzy Savetsky, NYC Fashion Blogger, Excessories Expert

“I enlisted the help of Life Organized to stage an apartment that was unoccupied and in a state of disarray. Not only did Barbara make the space look beautiful, but she did so using furniture and accessories that were already in the apartment. Her creativity and eye for detail expedited the sales process and made my job much easier.” – Carol O’Connor, Vice President, Corcoran Group Real Estate

“I thought I was organized until Barbara Reich swept through my apartment. Now, I can’t live without her. Barbara brings a level of intelligence and enthusiasm to organization that is awesome.” – Valerie Feigen, Former Owner of Edit Clothing Boutique

“After just 2 hours of working with Barbara, she leaves and I am on this high that I call the Barbara Effect. Not only have we completed at least one of those awful tasks I’ve been avoiding, but as the days go by, I have this nice little voice in my head saying ‘what would Barbara do,’ as I look at the 37 other projects waiting to be addressed. I start going through them thinking how “proud” Barbara will be when she returns. Next thing you know, I’m looking at an average art project my son created, and I hear Barbara’s voice saying “THROW IT AWAY”. I may get sentimental for a minute and then I THROW IT AWAY!! Barbara’s effect is not only organizational but it’s therapeutic and calming. Frankly, it’s a little stalkerish how much I think about her…in a good way!” – Aline Shapiro, Owner, Alineshop

“Having a 2 hour appointment with you is like being on a cruise to a fabulous island. But once you cross the sea and arrive, you can’t actually go ashore because it’s time to turn back.” – Jackie Moffett, Mother of 2 boys

“Barbara Reich has reorganized every room of my house, reworking closets, designing built-in units, and developing systems for dealing with the never ending clutter that’s a reality when you have five children. Now I have file drawers where there were piles of papers, shelves where there were piles of toys, and drawers where there were piles of clothes. It’s no exaggeration to say that Barbara has changed my life.” – Lauren Geller, Mother of 5 children

“Barbara Reich is an amazing organizer. She is especially helpful if you’re starting from scratch, setting up and labeling bins, boxes and more. She also does home office and paperwork organizing. Although Barbara was at first a client of mine, I am now a client of hers! I LOVE her and so will you!” – Melissa Meyers, Tastemaker and Lifestyle Blogger

“Here’s the Barbara Reich difference: looking into my large, poorly-utilized entry way closet, she said, “I want you to feel happy when you look in here.” Although she is a professional organizer par excellence, Barbara goes way beyond implementing systems and corralling chaos in ways that save your sanity. She also manages to address the emotional and psychological benefits that a sense of order can bring to our lives. Balanced, helpful and a genius at what she does, as well as great fun to be around, Barbara provides a service that is not only practical but also highly therapeutic. When I look at the places in my home where Barbara has worked, I do, in fact, feel happy, peaceful, and able to focus.” – Wednesday Martin, Ph.D., Author and Psychology Today columnist

“On a recent trip to Paris, my passport was stolen. Thanks to Barbara Reich, I calmly called my husband and directed him to the file where she had placed copies of all of my important documents. He faxed a copy of my passport to the U.S. Embassy, averting a potential disaster!”- Keri Bernstein, Freelance Author

“I worked with Barbara Reich shortly after a move to a new apartment. Barbara reallocated the closet space and made sure that every drawer and closet looked fabulous. My closets are happy and so am I.” – Jill Heller, President, Jill Heller Designs

“When my first child was born, I hired Life Organized. We received many gifts and had little to no room in our small, New York City apartment. Barbara transformed my son’s room, creating space that I had no idea existed. She also added creative touches to make it a fun room for baby and mom alike!” – Lauren Rutkin, President, Ventures in Philosophy

“Barbara helped us reallocate the space in my apartment, enabling us to give my oldest daughter a bedroom of her own. Barbara set up her room in a way that was organized, inviting, efficient and beautiful. My daughter now has a place for all of her things and is excited about maintaining Barbara’s systems. Barbara also reorganized a shared bedroom for my other two children and the transformation is miraculous. I feel like their room doubled in size and they are now using things that were previously lost in the clutter. My children now have labeled bins for all of their things and they know that they are expected to put things back where they belong. This is a big change for my kids! Working with Barbara was eye-opening and helped me to realize that sometimes less is more. I couldn’t be happier with the end result!” – Wendy Reimer, mom of three girls

“I hired Life Organized when I moved from San Francisco to New York City. Between launching a business, adjusting to motherhood, and learning a new city, I had more than enough to do. Barbara determined what I should keep, what I should store, and where everything should be placed. I knew she’d capture my style, and she did.” – Susan Hook Frigon

“Barbara helped me prepare to move and then got me settled into my new home in record time. And, the organizing lessons she taught me have stayed with me. Whenever confronted with another piece of children’s artwork, a gift I’ll never use, or a catalog I don’t want, I think, “What would Barbara say?” and into the recycling pile it goes.” – Sara Berman, mother of 6 and founder of Hebrew Charter School Center

“Thank you so much for the packing list you created for my trip. For the first time ever, I’m fully packed a week in advance, and it was one of the easiest packing experiences I’ve had. I’m definitely saving the list for future trips!” – Randi Kahn President, SFG Capital

“After many years in a small studio apartment, Barbara helped me move to a larger space. Not only did she provide much needed emotional support, but she got involved in every aspect of the move, making suggestions on furniture, décor, and of course, storage. While she was firm when it came time to donate or get rid of items, in the end I appreciated her candor.  I’m thrilled with how my apartment looks and how organized I feel.  I would strongly recommend Barbara’s services.” Bonnie Williams, Prada Sales Associate

“I’m so completely appreciative of what you have done for me and my family. My kitchen has never looked or felt better. I only wish we had done this sooner. Thank you a zillion times over!!”  – Tamara S.

“I have been very fortunate to work with Barbara and her team on two separate moves. They did a masterful job overseeing the packing process leading up to the moves as well as the actual moves themselves. Barbara brings a sense of energy, enthusiasm and focus to what is otherwise a stressful process. In both instances, Barbara and her team created beautiful spaces for my family that have a fundamental sense of calm and order. My husband and I have been in our NYC apartment for over two years and still find ourselves marveling almost weekly at the sense of tranquility she has brought to each room in our home. We cannot thank her enough!” – Wesley L.

Testimonials from Speaking Engagements

“Thank you for speaking at the ‘Enlighten, Learn, and Laugh’ event last night at the Cosmopolitan Club. Your message is so powerful and relevant, and you deliver it with humor and grace! Thank you again for sharing your talent with us!” – Camille LeFevre, Vice President and Senior Underwriter, Chase Commercial Banking

“Thank you for the excellent presentation you did for the AB US Families ERG last week on the topic of Never Caught Up. All of the participants walked away with great tips they can apply to their everyday lives to become more in balance. The reviews were fantastic and the attendees really appreciated the mix of data and anecdotal evidence you used to make your points. You were dynamic, approachable, and well informed.” – Rhonda Singer, Managing Director, AB

“Thank you for delivering an excellent presentation last weekend in Miami. The attendees have been raving about your keynote speech, as well as your breakout session, and have mentioned that they took away several things that they can apply within their daily lives. We would love for you to be a part of this conference again.” Molly Milligan, Gleneagles Group

“I want to thank you for your incredibly engaging presentation at our social networking event. People are still talking about your presentation, how much they learned, and just as importantly, how well you identify with today’s modern woman. I discussed your presentation with several groups of women at work highlighting your input on the inefficiencies in multitasking and time management tips. Barbara, you and your presentation are highly relevant to all professional and active women.” – Christine Fields, Sotheby’s International Realty

“Barbara was the guest speaker at a recent Uma networking luncheon in New York City, and absolutely wowed the audience with her extremely relevant tips, tricks and guidance on how to stay organized and generally de-clutter both mentally and physically. Many of the women attendees are moms and found Barbara’s advice on how ‘not’ to collect art projects and ‘stuff’ that kids bring home invaluable. Those women who work in an office loved the advice to ‘reply, file or delete’ upon receipt of an email to help prevent digital inbox clutter. As our organization empowers women to return to work after a career break, with practical advice, confidence and tools, we all greatly benefited from Barbara’s words of wisdom with real, practical examples.”Rita Kakati Shah, Founder and CEO, Uma

“I head up a large network of South Asian women executives and entrepreneurs, and many of them are MOTHERS. When I first heard Barbara speak, I was most taken by her story of how she was organizing children for academic success. As many in my network are ambitious mothers of Indian children, I knew this would resonate with my membership. I booked Barbara right away to speak at one of my event. She is a TV anchor’s dream because she shows up ready. Ready to engage her audience. Ready to share. Ready with answers. Beyond the event, Barbara and I are kindred spirits. I have been labeling my cabinets ‘big plates, small plates’ since time immemorial and always ensure my hangers are exactly the same. Even as I’m conducting my monthly fireside chats, I love that I’m always learning. There are always MORE ways be more organized and Barbara just may be my guru on this one.” Joya Dass, TV Anchor, Co founder of LadyDrinks Women’s Networking

“Barbara Reich is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Her talks are full of insight and information and are delivered with more than a dollop of good humor! It is easy to understand how she has built such an amazing following.” – Debbie Himmelfarb Curator, Tuesday Talks at Asphalt Green Battery Park City

“Barbara’s presentation at our school was one of the most highly attended Parent Association topic coffees we’ve had! Her advice as to how to create a more organized and streamlined home in order to maximize academic success and create a happier and less chaotic family existence was funny, intelligent, comprehensive and responsive. We received so much positive feedback, and I know that everyone who attended left with many useful tidbits about how to organize their homes and their lives. My family has certainly benefited from Barbara’s advice, including about how to organize our family schedules and calendars.” – Judy Eick, Chair of Parent Association Coffee Talk Committee, NYC Private School

“Barbara did an amazing job engaging our parents with so many helpful, life changing tips and advice. I look forward to connecting her with the appropriate contacts at the Middle and Upper school who will also benefit from the learning she has to offer.” – Deena Neuwirth, Head of Lower Division Horace Mann School

“Barbara’s presentation on How to Organize Your Child for Middle School Success was a huge hit. Her ideas were both practical and effective and were delivered in a high energy, friendly and easy to relate to manner. It is clear why her talk drew a standing room only crowd! Our school looks forward to having her return.” – Abby Doft, Parent at NYC Private School

“Thank you SO much for speaking at the Chai Lifeline Breakfast Briefing. You were so eloquent and informative and interesting – every woman in the room was fully engaged, which is so hard to do. And better yet, everyone went home with at least a few new strategies to help them organize their lives.” – Eliza Weber, Chai Lifeline Supporter

“Barbara’s presentation to our leadership group was energetic and informative. Many people in the audience needed to hear what she had to say, and after the presentation, I believe quite a few people went back to their desks to start organizing! We received a lot of great feedback.” – Kathryn Trappey, Major Bank and Financial Services Provider, NYC

“Barbara provided practical guidelines for being efficient and effective at home and at work. She was able to give examples that each person in our group was able to relate to and inspired everyone to begin working smarter.” – Sophia Tran-Vu, Major Bank and Financial Services Provider, NYC

“Your presentation was informative, thought-provoking, and engaging. We left the room that morning feeling that you had elevated the conversation–presenting new opportunities for organizing our homes and routines in ways that will help maximize our children’s productivity, efficiency and success. Attendees walked away with tips and strategies that are both realistic and effective. We only wish we had more time with you–to ask more questions and learn from your experience.” – PA President, NYC Private School

“The information provided in “Eat, Sleep, Organize” is a life changer. I will implement so many changes to keep my family healthy, mind and body. I walked away with a ton of useful tips that I can incorporate into my daily routine.” – Participant in 2020 WorkBeyond Summit

“This session [Eat, Sleep, Organize] was absolutely amazing. The presenters kept us all engaged [and provided] practical and relevant tools and suggestions for working moms. I loved it.” –  Participant in 2020 WorkBeyond Summit

“Thank you for helping to make our 2020 WorkBeyond Summit a huge success! I wanted you to know that we could not have done this without your leadership and expertise, and greatly appreciate your contribution to the event. The audience was amazed with the high level of content put forth, and walked away with innovative ideas and strategies to help address their unique challenges.” – Shertease Wheeler, Senior Events Program Manager for Working Mother Media