The Power of Paint, by Guest Blogger Paul Denikin

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I recently became acquainted with Paul Denikin. While Paul was always interested in home improvement, he became an expert when his daughter, Maggie, was born with special needs. At that time, Paul realized  he needed to modify his home so that it would be safe and functional for Maggie.  He started his website,, to share what he’s learned with the rest of us.   Here, he talks about how painting your home can improve its value and its appearance.

DIY home improvements are one of the most common ways home sellers will try to increase the value of their home. While some DIY projects can be complex or expensive such as redoing your bathroom, other projects are far less complicated. It may seem difficult to up the value of your home, but in reality, a few simple improvements can dramatically change how your house is viewed by potential buyers. The best way to make an impact without breaking the bank? Paint.

1. Paint Makes the Home Look Cleaner and Newer

Nothing says “new house” like a fresh coat of scuff- and scratch-free paint. Light, neutral tones that have mass appeal are a great way to tell your prospective buyers that your home is clean, well maintained, and modern. It also covers any minor damages to the walls, giving your interior a new lease on life. If the budget is tight, you have a few options. The best and cheapest approach is to paint a few accent walls as opposed to an entire room. This will break up the monotony of a single-color house without breaking the bank.

You can also shop clearance paints. Home improvement stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot typically have a small area devoted to incorrectly mixed paints. The resulting paint is still usable but is not the shade that had been requested. These paints may be discounted up to 90%. The only catch is that the shade is not replicable. The machine isn’t likely to make the same, precise mixing error twice, so you need to be certain that the container of clearance paint is enough for your project.

2. Paint Can Make a Room Look Bigger

Certain tricks and colors of paint can work to make a room look bigger, often a perfect solution for the smaller bedrooms in your home. Prospective buyers will view the room as being larger than the numbers might say and be more willing to pay the amount you are asking. A good way to make a room look larger, regardless of paint, is to paint both the walls and the trim the same color. The trim can actually work to shorten the walls and outline the exact width of the room, showcasing the undesirable size.

Light colors often make small spaces appear larger, but this is not always the case. Some interior designers would advise you to ditch the illusion attempts and accept the room’s size. Working with a small space to make it feel cozy can help mitigate the misgivings some prospective buyers may have about smaller rooms.

3. Paint Can Make an Old Home Look Modern

Older homes tend to make buyers nervous. The wear and tear of its tenants make it look more secondhand than lived in while the age may bring up concerns about upkeep and repairs. The easiest way to help fight that perception is to repaint. Homes with outdated colors too often reveal their age to visitors.

With the help of your realtor, you can pick out neutral colors that align with current interior styles. When prospective buyers enter and see modern, clean walls, they may care a little less about the age of the home. The new, unmarred walls will make the house seem well-kept and less risky.

Regardless of your budget, anyone can afford to pick up some paint and make their house look fresh, inviting, and beautiful. Research the current trends in interior design and make your home look as up to date as possible. You may be surprised by the difference in your offers.



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