When a Storage Unit is a Good Idea

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Over the past few months, I’ve had a number of clients ask me for help organizing storage units. Some clients have multiple storage units and some have just one. In some cases, the storage units are complimentary perks that come with apartments, and, in other cases, exorbitant fees are paid. Sometimes, the client knows exactly what’s stored in the unit and wants to make it less cluttered or more appealing. And sometimes, the items have been put away for years, and the client has no idea what s/he will find there. While I generally believe that a client is better off purging and living within his/her space means, here are some instances when a storage unit is a good idea:

  1. If you have large, bulky items that are only used a few times a year. Examples include holiday decorations that are sentimental or sporting equipment such as skis or camping gear.
  2. You have or plan to have children several years apart. A storage unit may be a necessity for storing the crib, the stroller, high chair and other items.
  3. You’re renovating or building a home and need to relocate furnishings and home décor for a defined period of time.
  4. You’re not using the unit as an excuse for continuous consumption (aka, never getting rid of anything).


  1. You have done a cost benefit analysis and determined that storage makes economic sense; that is you have compared the cost of the storage unit to the amount it will cost you to buy the items again.

If you do decide to store your units in a facility, I encourage you to look at SpareFoot.com which will help you find and book a storage unit in your area in minutes. Click on the photo below to link to SpareFoot’s website.


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